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Hello, buddy!

You know well the common truths: in order not to get sick, you need to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, do not worry, try to spend more time in the fresh air and play sports. Now honestly admit to yourself: do you regularly perform at least one of these points? But most likely not. And this is not your fault - the modern rhythm of life simply does not leave enough time to take for health, improve your nutrition, and allocate at least five minutes for fitness. Instead, we have a snack on the run, we spend almost half a day in offices, and we prefer to relax, sitting by the TV.

But this can not go on for a long time. Tired of stress, wrong food and lack of essential vitamins and minerals, the body begins to send us an SOS signal. It does it as it knows well - through various sores, serious and not so. And only then we stop and think: how do I start a new, healthy life?

We believe that everything necessary for human health, should be sourced from the nature, not trying to intervene the unique balance of nature and man, which been destroyed by the state of the ecological system and modern technologies in agriculture. With this mission in mind, we have created the company, called “Food with Purpose”. The name speaks for itself. The products and drinks that we produce from only natural ingredients, purposefully to strengthen your health.

Specially created compounds of biological active substances found in plants are unique and rare in nature. Unfortunately, they are not produced in our body, but they are vital for the normal functioning of human body. Creating functional Fitoguru drinks, we combined the most effective natural combinations of biologically active substances from wild grown herbs, berries, flowers, roots and beekeeping products by purposefully selecting their combinations to fill your diet, which you lack in regular food.

The most of food companies, in the struggle for market share and in excess of profit, use synthetic ingredients and technologies that destroy even the minimal ability of products to be healthy. And at the same time, in order to convince you to make a purchase, they use different tools in annoying advertising: recommendations of immunologists and nutritionists, dubious results of clinical studies, gifts for a purchase and even a money back. Our mission is to find the most honest and at the same time the most effective way to maintain health from mother nature itself, and to offer you only what we can stand by. We are aware that our path is not the easiest, and in order to get you, we will have to be convincing.

Why would you believe to us? How are we different from countless brands whose bright packaging contains a tons of declaration of health benefits? The answer is simple: all our words are confirmed by real facts, not promises, the ingredients of our drinks are created by nature without the intervention of synthesis technologies. Unlike any other drink of its type, Fitoguru's all natural formulas give your body exactly what it needs in precisely right amounts. Fitoguru refills, and not exhausts human body, unlike energy drinks giving a short-term energy boost. Unlike some of juice and juice drinks, which are full of added sugar or unhealthy sugar substitutes, Fitoguru has no added sugar and no added sugar substitutes, no artificial colors and aroma additions, no GMO, no preservatives and other E. The functional benefits of Fitoguru are supported by results of clinical studies carried out by Altay State Medical University, which acts as The Federal Agency for Healthcare and Social Development in Russia. Most important of all. Fitoguru tastes great!

We look forward to your feedback.

Bless you and be healthy!

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